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Walsgrave Road by Gosford Green

Camera No. 14

It's easy to forget nowadays, that as we look eastwards from the corner of Far Gosford Street and Binley Road, Gosford Green no longer comes very close to us. With the widening of Binley Road and the building of Sky Blue Way, the corner of the park is now around 40 metres farther away. This can be seen with a quick click on the old photograph for a 2022 view.

There are a few points of interest in this old Coventry scene. Just to the left of the pair of people nonchalantly wheeling a bicycle down the middle of the road is the large bayed White Lion Hotel - the replacement for which fell victim, along with other gems like Riddy's Surplus Stores, for the building of Sky Blue Way.

The other side of the White Lion we can just make out St. Joseph's Convent School - more of which we can learn on this Now and Then page.

If we also look carefully into the distance, up Walsgrave Road towards Ball Hill, the lack of railway bridge is notable, indicating that the photograph was taken before 1914.

if you wish to see the images separately.

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Walsgrave Road by Gosford Green
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