Stoke, Coventry

History and record of updates to Stoke, Coventry

from 2022

12th Empress Building article added
11th Hope's Harbour to Harefield to Stoke Park School article added
10th Now and then page Church End and Rose & Crown, Walsgrave Road added
8th  John Walker's first 'real job' added to the Your memories section
6th  Stoke related poem by John Walker added to the Articles section
2nd  Now and then map added to locate photos
1st  Now and then page Paddling Pool at Stoke Green added
1st  Now and then page Bowling Green at Gosford Park added

30th Added 'Associated names' to the History page
30th Added the Gosford Green Combat to the History page
20th Added 49th Scout Group pages
9th  Added 2022 map
8th  Added Maps page
7th  Main page revised
7th  Stoke Local History Group Monthly Newsletters added to the site
6th  Included Search facility
6th  Added Your memories section
5th  Useful Links page added
4th  Now and then page Ball Hill from the top added
3rd  Church Lane and other Now and then pages added
2nd  Clay Lane and other Now and then pages added
1st  Stoke browser icon designed

31st Ronnie Corbett opens One-Stop article added
31st Stoke Park School article added
31st Designed Stoke header images
27th Empress Building Now and then page added
26th Started to put elements of the site together, initially using Historic Coventry template
25th Designed home screen images
21st Thought about stuff!

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